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How to install the wpc Wall board


The installation process of the Great Wall Board

The most commonly used location of the WPC Wall board is the wall. The installation process of the wall is relatively simple. The construction process is: check the wall → arrange the wall → glue on the wall → buckle installation.

1. Check the wall

  Before construction, it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the wallboard and the wall surface, whether it is smooth and smooth.

2. Finish the wall

  If there are uneven defects on the wall, the wall should be leveled first, and the next construction can be carried out after the wall is completely dry.

3. Glue on the wall

  Apply wall-curing glue to the smooth wall surface. It is milky yellow emulsion-like in appearance and has permeability. It can fully infiltrate the surface of the base material of the wall. The bonding strength of the wall surface prevents hollowing.

4. Buckle installation

  Fix the first Great Wall board to the wall with glue, then put the second Great Wall board in the groove of the first Great Wall board, and fix it with a buckle.

Finally, use the supporting products of the Great Wall Board to close the mouth and clean the stains on the board surface.