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PVC grid wall installation points


1, PVC wall board installation method has 3 kinds, the first is horizontal installation, the second is inclined, the third is vertical installation, which vertical installation method is the best, not only the light can enter the room, let the wall more bright, but also can increase the three-dimensional sense of the wall. In addition, vertical installation also reduces dust area and is easier to clean up. 

2, under normal circumstances, PVC wall board in the design and production of the socket type design, general specifications, so different styles of products can be mixed, you can create the most artistic temperament and beauty of the wall. 

3, after the wall panel is installed, it can be used immediately, without painting, because the paint contains stupid, formaldehyde and other toxic substances, and these substances diffuse into the air, affect people's health, so can not smear as far as possible not to smear. 

4. PVC is easy to install, with socket, buckle and wedge joint design.Only simple assembly can create a variety of assembly effects, is currently on the market style rich, three-dimensional sense of the strongest convenient decorative building materials. PVC has won the support and trust of consumers both in quality and in external senses.