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Installation Technology Of Ceiling


General Buckle with Special Keel, Keel for galvanized steel and paint steel, standard length: 3000 mm. 

1. Set the corners to the same level. 

2. According to the suitable spacing hoisting light steel Keel 38 or 50 Keel) , the general spacing 1-1.2 meters, the boom distance according to the light steel keel distribution. 

3. Attach the pre-installed parts on the gusset plate Keel, together with the gusset plate Keel close to the Light Steel Keel and fasten it vertically under the Light Steel Keel. The distance between the Gusset Plate Keel and the Light Steel Keel is generally 1 meter. After all the installation, the level must be adjusted (in general, when the vertical distance between the building and the aluminum plate to be lifted does not exceed 600 mm, it does not need to add 38 Keel or 50 Keel in the middle, but uses the Keel hanger and the boom to be connected directly) . 

4. The Bar gusset plate in order parallel buckle on the supporting Keel, the bar gusset plate connection with the Special Keel series connecting pieces. 

5. Plate surface installation must take gloves, such as inadvertently left fingerprints or stains, can be cleaned with detergent after wiping dry, good installation process disassembly convenience.