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HK Client Case


As end of CNY coming, the shipment very tight, delivery delayed happens all the time.

One of our HK client who purchasing decking from us, need the goods arrived their job site before Christmas holidays coming. Unfortunately, the forwarder not only delay the time but also stop communicate with us. 

Finally we contact the warehouse directly and delivery the goods smoothly within the time.

The client, quietly order the afternoon tea for us even he was in Hongkong. The winter little cold, but we feel so warm! Thank you for your support and your warm caring!

As we all know, many outdoor projects nowadays have strict requirements on the aesthetics of appearance. Which requires the selection of materials to obtain the design effect and level. After all, after a long period of industrial development. 

The current WPC wood-plastic process has been It is extremely advanced. And I believe that its positive effect on meeting different construction needs should not be underestimated. The key is to have a vivid production technology for the different pattern effects of the garden wall.