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Cambodia PVC Marble Sheet


This is a wall decoration panel. It is called PVC marble slab. The distinctive feature of holding it by hand is its high gloss. The surface of the panel is coated with UV. If you know PVC marble sheet, you must know UV coating production.


Our Aungshan UV Marble sheet uses high-quality raw materials, so you can check the light through the panel. It's like transparent. “It’s just like a mirror” One of our customer comment.

The important thing is that the product is environmentally friendly. This is why more and more customers accept it. 


   ①Waterproof & Moistureproof.

   ②Fire retardant.


   ④Fast and easy to install.

   ⑤Easy to clean and maintain.

   ⑥Easy to cut.

   ⑦Many colors for chosen.